Warships Sent to Persian Gulf; Speers Reveals
Details of Plan to Attack Iran
In five days, a bomb will explode
beneath the White House
              -- Just as Iran promised

With intelligence agents mired in an orgy of illegal
databases, blackmail, sex, drugs and sacks of money,
the seconds tick down to a terrorist attack designed to
trigger a war in this penetrating satire reminiscent of
Wag the Dog and Primary Colors.

Provocative and timely,
Master Spies Die Laughing is a
send-up of an embattled President, duplicitous agents,
clueless spy agencies, half-baked terrorist plots, and
befuddled bureaucrats desperate to start a war that they
think will save their reputations and their careers--and
put their guy in the White House instead of Obama.

As the basement bomb ticks closer to zero and a
compromised administration tilts toward panic, the only
thing that stands between the White House
Armageddon and next year's Easter Egg Roll are two of
the strangest spies in fiction, a pair of teenage computer
geeks who hack into the NSA, a New Jersey crime
family with government ties, and a "code-talking"
Cherokee woman.
Want to know what Muzzy means? What
secrets governments hide? Learn the
tricks, terms and techniques used by
domestic and international spies?

Click here to find out how you can get
your own copy of the International
Cloak and Dagger Dictionary.
DID YOU KNOW?: President Bush maintained that the government can open and read your private mail.
Major newspapers, broadcast news and cable news channels broke this story on January 4, 2007, six
months after author Dan Speers published it on
Master Spies.
What you will discover when you read
Master Spies Die Laughing, a novel that
finally tells the truth.
...did you ever wonder how the government knows
what it knows about you and how it can find out
what it doesn't know?

Attention: Iowa. Kansas. Ohio. Oregon.
                                 Someone, or something, may be watching.
                                                        Or listening.

Now this: Sources reveal that the administration is pressuring Verizon,
Google, and Microsoft for access to your web-surfing records. Not only that,
they have asked these companies to preserve  these records for up to two
years and  keep this knowleged to themselves.
You're not supposed to know.

There is nowhere you can go that you cannot be watched. To order your copy
from Dan's
Citizen Poet website and select the Amazon.com button. Select
from hard cover, trade paperback or Kindle versions. You will have your copy
in a matter of days.

For an autographed copy, contact the author here:

An American soldier killed Saturday, Dec. 30,
2006, on the bloddy streets of Baghdad was
the 3,000th US service member to die in
nearly four years of war in Iraq.

Once again, the ballad
One Thousand
Brave Young Soldiers
was revised.

A copy of the revised version that  honors our
service men and women while noting the
futility of this war can be found
You need Java to see this applet.
Did you know FBI agents can read your mail, bug your
cell phones, and access your credit records and bank
accounts? They can even use your brand new car to
rat you out.
That's why this book is a must read.
DID YOU KNOW? The FBI, CIA and other government agencies USED national security letters to
secretly examine credit, banking and other fiancials records of Americans, confirming what author
Dan Speers first revealed 6 months earlier here on  
Master Spies. (NY Times, Jan. 14, 2007).
DID YOU KNOW?: President Bush  ordered elements of the US Navy into position off of Iran and
sent Patriot missiles to allies in the Middle East. Did he intend war with Iran?
Read the true story here.
DID YOU KNOW?: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens to blow up White House. DID YOU
NSA taps American telephone calls. DID YOU KNOW? NSC creating state-bassed Fusion
Centers to amass personal records of Americans.
DID YOU KNOW? Secret spyware down loadable to cell
phones allows agents to listen in on private conversation even when the cell phone is turned off! It's just
science--and how ironic is that considering the prior administration's view of science?
NEWS ITEM:             
Despite the failure to
uncover weapons of
mass destruction in
an increasingly
unpopular war that
has resulted in
almost 3,000
American soldiers
dead and ten times
that many casualties,
the administration
continues to deny
that the prewar
intelligence relied
upon to justify the
invasion of Iraq was
either misinterpreted
or manipulated.        
President Obama wants answers. How did a terrorist wearing explosive underwear almost
blow up a passenger jet on Christmas. The NSA should have read my book
Chapter 4 - Page 55. The Secret is There!
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The funniest book since Primary Colors and as insanely satirical as Wag the Dog.
                                                         --Rick Chapman, Consultant, Hi-Tech Companies