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Proposed FICA Wiretapping
Will Target All Americans

Hours before the August recess, Congress approved FISA legislation that would expand
governmental powers to eavesdrop on suspected foreign terrorists, but one terrorism and
intelligence expert say this legislation will actually authorize wiretapping of all Americans.

There is no technology nor science that identify any suspicious communication without
scanning all communications and the unintended consequence of the expansion of FISA
will be the legalization of wiretapping on any all Americans and businesses in this
country, according to Dan Speers, author of Master Spies and Muzzy Spooks, a
forthcoming book on American intelligence activities.

“Any surveillance requires the capture of all communications in and out of the U.S. in
order to provide the well from which certain communications can be extracted.”

This will legalize the eavesdropping on any and all American under the umbrella of
creating a pool to scrutinize for suspicious activity, he said.

“The simple truth is that terrorists or anyone planning such an act will use unknown and
anonymous telephone routing numbers. As an expert in telephone routing systems and
tracking of telephone calls and communications, I can assure you that there is no way on
this earth to identify such a call unless you are tracking and listening in on all calls.”

Thus, in passing this FISA expansion, Congress authorized the clandestine wiretapping
of all Americans and all calls and communications to and from anywhere, whether
private or commercial, Speers said.

And most troubling of all is that the primary reason for limiting judicial review is that
such oversight would quickly determine that any implementation of this legislation
requires the targeting all Americans—not just the terrorists who cannot be identified a
priori, he added.

Speers said he could not comment on whether the proposed legislation would in effect
provide either authorization or cover for previously undisclosed wiretapping operations.