In Deep Cover - The Master Spies Journal - A Personal Journey
The story of Master Spies Die Laughing takes place on a world stage. From the Beltway of
Washington, D.C., to the New Jersey communities bordering to New York City, to the barbeque
buckets of Austin, Texas. On land, sea and air. China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Brussels,
Brugge, Amsterdam. Intelligence agencies throughout the world.

Satellites, planes, sophisticated cars with high tech computer systems. Software, spookware,
computer programs that crawl through electronic communications systems and data networks
like ubiquitous spiders gathering information, sorting and storing, building databases on
hundreds of millions of unsuspecting citizens.

Day by day, new facts are coming to light on news programs and in daily newspapers. National
news outlets thought they had a scoop when they uncovered the "latest" governmental intrusion
on your privacy, but anyone who has read the book already knew that President Bush and his
advisors believed they had the power to open and read private correspondence and mail sent
through the US Postal Service.

Soon, you'll be able get all of the inside dope on the author's personal website.

For insight and background on the author's fascinating worldwide journey of research, intrigue
and plain old-fashioned investigation, read excepts from his personal journal and view actual
photographs taken by the author himself.  

Check back soon to start your own journey.
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Master Spies Die
is just
fiction, right?

None of that stuff in the
book is really true, is it?

Like the title of the book,
the answer to that is a bit
muddled. Although
loosely based on certain
events and characters I
have known, the story
line is mostly made up,
but the settings, spy
agencies, tools and
techniques, spyware and
discussions about
certain cloak and dagger
operations are all true.

Every last word.

Including the details on
the massive data bases
and personal data
collection systems being
set up and manipulated
by your government.

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