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                                                                                                              --Anon, FL
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I always thought native Americans would get their country back
one dollar at a time through their casinos. Hooray for your heroine
who slaps the bad guy upside the head with Mt. Rushmore. Old
Tom might have a nosebleed for a while but they can fix that. So,
where do I go to sign up to learn how to speak Cherokee?
 --Jeanne R., Salem, NH

The Author Responds:
Actually, more and more people are learning to speak our native
language. Language classes are offered throughout the year online
at, the home page of the Cherokee Nation in
Oklahoma. If you register for the newsletter, you will be notified
when the next enrollment period begins. Classes are open to all.  
Cherokee is both a written and oral language with a rich history.
Plastic explosives shaped into panty liners? Satellites that can read your watch? NSA
tapping our long distance calls?
X-ray machines that can see through your clothes?
What’s next? The FB monitoring our conversations through our
cell phones even
when they're turned off?
                                     –Oh.   Never mind.                                                
--Don't Use My Name, Danvers, MA
Did you really have to kill the shark at the end? He was
practically the only really good character in the book.
                                                               --Ian Greene, Boston, MA
The Author Responds:
It was a only a brief, swim-on role and the missile merely startled the
behemoth, who was, incidentally, paid union scale for the role.
Anyway, no sharks were harmed in the writing of this book.
It turns out that with everybody spying on each other, you
practically need a scorecard to keep up with who’s screwing who,
but overall, Speers does a good job of telling a complex story with
more surprises than a Florida voting machine while keeping track
of a bunch of the shiftiest, shadiest characters I’ve ever seen. I
especially  like the way everything came together in the end.
         --Sara Miles, Miami, FL
I know you think your pretty smart, but your not. Your
not even funny. All your doing is helping the terrorists.
Your book is one big lie. I went to that place you said was
in Virginia and it wasn't even there. My advice to you is
to get a life and die.
                                                                      --Your Worst Nightmare
What a clever, frightening novel. The way you explore today's political climate is unsettling.      --E.B., Knoxville, TN
I was riveted by the sardonic, disturbing take on the
un-privacy of our lives today.
                                                    --Sue Griffith, Houston, Texas
Great send-up of today's environment when
paranoia reigns and truth is elusive.
                                                             --H. Minor, Cincinnati, OH
--You reeled me into the book page-by-page and by the time I'm halfway
into it, I can't turn the pages fast enough. What an eye-opener. Where do
I go to sign up for the sequel?
                                         --Rita Ferrandino, CEO, Science Companion, Sarasota, FL
"A top-notch political satire."

     --Rick Chapman, Aegis Resources, CT
In Search of Stupidity: Over 20
        Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters
This is the perfect book for the BDS [Bush Derangement
Syndrome] crowd.
                                                                               --Jeffrey Tarter, Watertown, MA
I loved the satire about how governments spy on their citizens--and
citizens spy one each other. (This
is satire, right?)
                                                                                     --J. Freeman, Alexandria, VA
Thanks for your hilarious insider's look at the frantic goings-on in all first
world governments that scramble to control the uncontrollable--the
unintended consequences of technology.
                                                                                               --Ava L., Portland, Maine
--You are a genius! You captured each
character's speech perfectly and I'm
amazed at the insider knowledge of
each governmental department. I'm glad
I do the reading and not the research!
                      --Lillian Schiavoni, Haverhill, MA
Well written, full of black wit. Really enjoyed it.
                          --Sheila G., RN, clinical educator, Gloucester, MA
What a humorous thriller and social comedy.
                                                                --Tom B., Cape Cod, MA
Your book makes it sound like the CIA and FBI might
pass along faulty info to the White House. I support Bush
and Cheney. They just work on the info they have.
                                                               --Carol Pavick, San Jose, CA
I agree with Your Wurst Nightmare. Get a
LIFE, you are [expletive deleted].
                   --Casper, Wyoming.
--Brilliant. This book is such an opportune story about
the fragility of privacy in the 21st century information
                                                              --Amy M., RN, Denver, CO