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The Secret Language of Espionage Revealed
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             The International
    Cloak and Dagger Dictionary
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Master Spies Die
involves a lot of
muzzy characters

Puzzled by Muzzy?

muz-zy (muz'ee)
     adj. -zier, ziest.

1. Bewildered, muddled,

2. Blurred, indistinct.
Part of the realism of Master Spies Die Laughing comes from the
interweaving of domestic and international espionage organizations,
agencies and services with actual operations, activities, terms and

Various inside references from professional to jargon are used just
as they are in real clandestine situations. Spy terms, words,
acronyms, weaponry, instruments and tools, and even the slang used
in the novel are all real. As are the still secret tools used by our own
internal infestigatory agencies. Even the locations and various sites
described in the book are real places.

And now, all of these initials, names and definitions will be available
in one, giant comprehensive source that is destined to become an
essential reference for anyone interested in, investigating, or wanting
to know what's really going on in the cloak and dagger world.

Are you a birdwatcher. Or
acorn? Going on a blind
. You might need a
cobbler and a backstop if
you don't want
blow back or
even worse, get
black-flagged. That could
wind up a
wet affair.

And what if your
bucar sucks
in an
outrider from BVD or
CNT or even CBI when all
you've got is some
from a failed jarking?
The International Cloak and Dagger Dictionary will be published both as a bound book and on CD.

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