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In exactly five days, a terrorist bomb will explode beneath the White House. With
intelligence agents mired in an orgy of illegal databases, blackmail, sex, drugs and
sacks of money, the seconds tick down to a nuclear war with Iran in this penetrating
satire reminiscent of
Wag the Dog and Primary Colors.

Master Spies Die Laughing
a novel by
Dan Speers

opies of the popular ballad, One Thousand Brave Young Soldiers are available.
Each 8/10 glossy of the ballad is hand autographed by the author, suitable for framing
and presentation  as a gift or display as a personal commitment to the end of the War
in Iraq.
NOTE. Because of  highly sensitive revelations and national security implications in the novel,  
prepublication copies and early versions of the manuscript of
Master Spies Die Laughing have
and/or may have been  provided to certain officials, agencies and designated members of the
United States Senate and House of Representatives in advance of the public publication date.

However, the author personally guarantees that the publication edition of Master Spies will be a
complete, unexpurgated, and uncensored version, and will not be not be influenced by  prior
review by the FBI, NSA, NCC, DHS or any other agency.

None of the original or controversial details have been omitted nor have any citations or
references to actual espionage activities, intelligence agencies, or classified operations. Where
necessary to protect certain confidential sources and individuals in critical  circumstances, their
identities have been deliberately disguised, although the essential facts remain unaltered.

Because of demand, please register only once. Copies will be shipped in plain, unmarked
wrappers if you desire. Names of prospective buyers of this book will not be released, revealed or
shared with any third parties not involved in the direct publication, marketing and sale of this title,
including representatives of NSA, the FBI,  Department of Homeland Security or any other
intelligence or security agency.
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