Cherokee Language Syllabary
A Living Legacy

Created by Sequoyah, the
Cherokee syllabary has 85
symbols representing 85
syllables. Written words
are created by combining
the symbols for each
sound. When the symbols
are read aloud, you are
both reading and speaking
the Cherokee language.
 If one could define a
language as a living
painting using words for
color and the versatility
of the brush to create
both imagery and
impressions, one would
come close to
describing Cherokee.

It is a visual and poetic
language, yet it is also a
unique combination of
precision, economy and
attention to detail while
exhibiting a fascinating
flexibility based both on
logic and imagination.

To speak Cherokee is
to speak in images that
mirror both the reality
and the spirit of the
world for those of us
lucky enough to
participage in life as art.
In the novel, Charles Bushyhead, a Cherokee and the first Native American elected to the
Presidency, raised a rousing Siyo to the future. Siyo is short for osiyo. It means hello.